Gain a new perspective on vision loss.

A woman smiles while holding a white cane on a bright yellow background.
A visually impaired woman laughs rests her hands on her white cane in front of a bright pink background.
Two older adults pose together holding hands in front of a lavender-colored background.

Level the playing field.

We champion the right of people who are blind or vision impaired to have equal opportunities and support towards meaningful careers and independent lives.

Be independent, not alone.

We foster inclusive, supportive and compassionate communities, enabling independence and fulfilling lives.

Push past disability.

We empower people who are blind or vision impaired to push past their limits through hard work and commitment and to exceed expectations of what was believed as possible.

Never settle.

We believe in a culture of innovation that keeps our programs and services engaging, exceptional, and responsive to the needs of those living with vision impairment, to their families, and to the community at large.

We’re Vibrant Works.

An older man with visual impairments assembles a pen together at the Vibrant Works manufacturing facility.

Adult & Senior Programs

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A close up of an older visually impaired man holds his white cane with a large smile on a bright blue background.

Child & Youth Programs

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A young visually impaired girl smiles at the camera in front of a bright pink background.

Are you or somebody you know experiencing vision loss?

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