About our Facilities

Our production facilities manufacture a wide assortment of mechanical pencils, pens and other office supplies, while our textile department produces military apparel items as well as military helmet systems for all branches of the military. In addition, we produce many diverse items for the aerospace industry. The manufacturing operation is ISO 9001 certified as as well as AS9100 certified.

Our Services

A worker at Vibrant Works cleans his machine after use.

Engineering Services

Production Services include AutoCAD renderings, machine shop fabrication, robotics, welding and turn-key solutions.

An older woman works on sewing together a military uniform.

Fabrication Services

Precision milling of tools and dies and in-house construction of custom machines to support your production needs.

A Vibrant Works employee checks patterns

Research & Development

Research and Development services are offered under a team of talented technical personnel and engineering staff. Our Research and Development background includes the design and fabrication of textile projects, metal fixture projects and small mechanical automation projects.


A worker at Vibrant Works checks the quality of a military uniform closely.

Quality Management Systems

Vibrant Works is 100 percent dedicated to both customer and employee satisfaction, and continual improvement of the ISO management system. We strive to produce and deliver quality products and services while providing the visually-impaired community a more independent and rewarding lifestyle.

What we offer:
  • Our system meets all requirements defined within the ISO 9001 and AS9100B Standard.
  • We are continually assessed and improved through management review meetings and internal audits.
  • We consistently deliver products on time, minimizing defects and customer defective returns and, achieving customer satisfaction.

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