American made. By hand, not sight.

Vibrant Works operates 14 Base Supply Centers selling over 100,000 products and services made by people with vision loss to military and government customers.

Our stores operate under the AbilityOne Program, which helps blind and disabled employees nationwide find jobs. The AbilityOne program also partners with nonprofits to provide AbilityOne products made by people who are blind and disabled to the federal government at fair market prices.

We now employ over 250 individuals who are blind or severely vision impaired.

Our Services

A close of shot of military grade chinstraps produced by the Vibrant Works manufacturing facility.

Base Supply Centers (BCS)

The stores supply superior products and services to military and government customers through a commercial retail-type setting.

Vibrant Works sells products made by people who are blind, which strengthens the manufacturing jobs for people with vision loss. In addition, the stores are operated by blind employees.

Get your AbilityOne Products at any of the following Base Supply Centers operated by Vibrant Works.

We also offer a wide range of furniture products. For more information, reach out to one of our furniture sales contacts.

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A Vibrant Works employee quality checks fabric.

Contract Management Support (CMS)

Our services are specifically designed to provide contract closeout support services to federal government contracting offices.

The AbilityOne Program is providing critical support to government contracting offices by freeing up time for the contracting workforce to address more mission-critical and inherently-governmental functions, while at the same time facilitating the return of unused obligated contract funds to the government.


The AbilityOne Program is the largest source of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities in the United States.  More than 550 nonprofit organizations employ these individuals and provide quality products and services to the Federal Government at a fair market price.

The program has enabled Vibrant Works to grow exponentially over the years. We now employ over 250 individuals that are blind or severely vision impaired.

A Vibrant Works manufacturing worker smiles while sitting at his sewing machine.

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